America First: The Legacy of an Immigration Raid

Documentary piece on the long term effects of a workplace raid in rural America by taking a deep dive into Postville, Iowa. I assisted as an Associate Post Producer and Editor on the project done for Univision.

For online platform:

Directors & Producers: Almudena Toral and Andrea Patiño Contreras
Executive Producer: Selymar Colón
Data Research: Ronny Rojas
Web Design: Juanje Gómez and Mauricio Rodríguez Pons
Web Development: Juanje Gómez
Cinematography: Almudena Toral, Andrea Patiño Contreras, Nacho Corbella and Ricardo Weibezahn
Associate Post Producers: Mauricio Rodríguez Pons y Gerardo Del Valle
Illustrations and Animations: Mauricio Rodríguez Pons and Bryce Fayaz
Editing: Andrea Patiño Contreras, Almudena Toral, Gerardo del Valle, Mauricio Rodríguez Pons and Anna Clare Spelman
Sound Design: Erik Aldrey
Translators: David Adams, Carlos Sánchez, Roy Revivo, Sadia Kullane and Abdiwahab Ali
Special Projects Director: José López
Social Media: Carolina Hurtado

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